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BIBO Lifeskills Programme

BiBo - "Breath in Breath out"

School based programme to inspire youth to become resilient, hopeful, creative and mindful young adults


We wish to inspire Youth today for a better world of tomorrow.


Teaching Youth basic life skills in order to become resilient, creative and mindful young adults through an inclusive accessible school based programme.


The coherent, Irish developed, holistic programme empowers a school community to learn for life. The programme is aimed at 11-14 year old students and taught in a 12 week course (1 lesson per week) to 5th and 6th class primary school and 1st and 2nd year secondary school students. The teaching modules focus on the areas of optimism, self-awareness, coping and resilience, empathy, courage and creativity and all consistently use mindfulness and mediation as a key resource.

Currently the programme is delivered in 5 pilot schools by experienced facilitators in partnership with class teachers. The Co-Authors of the program are a group of enthusiastic and experienced therapists, counsellors, teachers and parents.

The problem

Today’s teenagers live in an ever more challenging environment, with an overwhelming multitude of choice, a large influence of social and other media which creates a general lack of orientation and lack of empathy for themselves and others, and the inability to relax and just be with themselves.

A large proportion of teenagers are at risk of severe mental health problems and substance abuse which will present important obstacles to a happy adult life. These troubled youth also have a large negative influence on their peers. The growing number of suicides and at risk behaviours plant seeds of despair and hopelessness in young people that are growing at an alarming rate.

The solution

Together with a team of therapists, youth workers and experienced teachers we have developed a series of 12 workshops to run as a school based programme. The tenets of BiBo offer hopeful futures and creative possibilities in adversity. These values offer alternative to the hopelessness and lack of choice experienced by youth when facing mental health problems. Positive psychology and mindfulness offer choice and hope in the face of life's dilemmas.

For further information check out www.bibo.life


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