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Mindout Schools Programme

Mental Health Schools Programme

MindOut has been developed to support the social and emotional wellbeing of young people in secondary schools and youth sector settings. Its aim is to give them time and space to identify things that impact on their mental health, and to explore how they deal with these issues.

It was developed by the Health Promotion Research Centre at NUI Galway and the HSE’s Health Promotion and Improvement Department, and has been shown to improve young people’s overall mental health and wellbeing.

The school-based programme involves 12 classroom sessions.

An extensive evaluation of the programme found that teenagers can greatly benefit from it.

“The study findings show that the MindOut programme has very positive benefits for adolescents, leading to improved social and emotional skills, such as coping and emotional regulation, and reduced levels of stress and depression, including for the most vulnerable young people.

“These findings support the delivery of MindOut in the senior cycle curriculum and the important impact it has on enhancing students’ resilience, mental health and emotional wellbeing, which play a key role in supporting positive outcomes in school and life more generally,” commented Prof Margaret Barry of NUI Galway, who conducted the evaluation.

The evaluation of the programme can be viewed here.

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Mindout Programme

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