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Suicide Resources and Information

Suicide has a devastating effect on the community – on families, friends and loved ones.

You may be reading this following a tragedy in your own life and may not know where to turn for support to help you through this heartbreaking time. Or you may wish to support someone who’s been recently bereaved by suicide.

On this page you will find practical information on managing suicide bereavement and accessing supports to help guide you through the grief.

HSE Resources

A range of booklets and leaflets on suicide, self-harm and mental health are available from the National Office for Suicide Prevention or partner agencies. Some of these are below, and you can also order printed copies from the Mental Health section of

Information Booklets

Suicide Bereavement Liaison Office Mayo

The Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service is a free, confidential service that provides assistance and support to families and individuals after the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Funded by the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention, the service is provided locally by The Family Centre in Co. Mayo.

National Suicide Bereavement Pack – You Are Not Alone

A practical guide dedicated to those grieving the death by suicide of someone
they love. Developed by a small group of people comprising
individuals who have lost loved ones through suicide and HSE Resource
Officers working in the area of suicide prevention.

Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

Resources for parents/families and professionals on childhood bereavement.

Safe Harbour book

Safe Harbour is an illustrated storybook for children who have been bereaved by suicide.

It has been developed by bereavement experts- including professionals and people with lived experience – to help a child with their grief by encouraging conversation and developing their understanding of death and suicide.

Community Bereavement Presentation

This two-hour presentation is part of an initiative from the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP), to enhance communication and support for communities bereaved through suicide.

This presentation will be provided in response to an invitation from a community. Venues may include community halls, workplaces, GAA and/or sports clubs.

For further information or to arrange this please contact Siobhán Mc Brearty, Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention. Co. Mayo.

Call 087 7848837 or email

Helping Teenagers to cope after a traumatic event

A Guide for Parents or Carers

Helping Adults to cope after a traumatic event

This leaflet describes how people commonly react after a trauma and provides some ways of coping.

Resources for Teachers

Resources for Teachers through the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network.

Directory for GP Practices

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Supports and Services

Training and Education for Professionals

Suicide Prevention Training available throughout Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

Workshop for Professionals

Workshop for professionals and key contact people providing support to those bereaved through suicide.

Supporting people bereaved by suicide who are neurodivergent: A guide by Support After Suicide

A guide for professionals working with adults and young adults who have been bereaved or affected by suicide and are, or might be, neurodivergent, by Storm Skills Training.

Mental Health Supports in Mayo

Contact your GP, or call your out of hours GP service (evenings/weekends). If someone is in immediate danger you can go to the Emergency Department of your nearest general hospital or contact the Emergency Services by calling 999 or 112.

If Parents are concerned about their child/young person they can contact Primary Care Psychology in Mayo on 094 904 2281 or Mindspace Mayo 086 18 44 995 / 094 906 7001.